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Tune in to the best podcast in the cooling industry. Join host Jens Andersen as he takes you through the principles, processes, and applications in and around evaporative refrigeration. Jens has knowledge, wisdom, and insights gained from over 40 years spent working at Danfoss, and he’s excited to share it all with you. He’s also got plenty of friends and colleague in the industry who like to drop by to share their stories and unique perspectives. Whether you're a cooling industry veteran or just starting out, this podcast has something for you. Jens wants to hear from you! Be sure to share your comments and questions on our social media channels or shoot Jens an email at [ chillingwithjens@danfoss.com ]. Who knows? Your anecdotes may even show up in an episode.

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Cool Talk: Humidity Control
Apr 29 2022
55 mins
Cool Talk: Humidity ControlCool Talk: Typical installation mistakesCool Talk: Effect of oversized equipmentCool Talk: Compressor CapacityCool Talk: Pressure SensorsCool Talk: Temperature SensorsCool Talk: Commissioning best practicesCool Talk: Air flowCool Talk: Secondary CoolingCool Talk: Freezer ApplicationsCool Talk: Tuning SuperheatCool Talk: Ultra Low-GWP RefrigerantsCool Talk: Oil-Free heat pumpsCool Talk: What's new in Danfoss Climate SolutionsCool Talk: Micro Channel Heat ExchangersCool Talk: Cooling SoftwareCool Talk: The good, the bad, and the absolutely terribleCool Talk: The future of Connected CoolingCool Talk: Flammable RefrigerantsCool Talk: After Hours at Cooling United Live