E138: Sam George - Changing the way we interact with each other

Back2Basics: Reconnecting to the essence of YOU

Jan 19 2022 • 33 mins

Sam is an author and digital communications professional whose latest book,I’ll Get Back to You, is about why unreturned messages drive people crazy. With digital communications now dominating the way in which we interact, unreturned messages can be the cause of lots of obstacles in building genuine human connections. This is what Sam is hoping to change. In 2004, Sam co-wrote the book The Great Divide: Retro vs Metro America, which received national press coverage and a presentation to the National Press Club. In addition to his writing, Sam has been a communications expert for decades, working with Nancy Pelosi and on a George Soros-funded campaign to legalize cannabis.   In this episode Leticia and Sam chat about:

How digital communications change the way we interact with each other

Why people stress over an unreturned text or email

How people can fix the “dyscommuncation crisis” caused by digital communication

His experiences working in communications for important people and groups

Buy I'll get back to you at: I’ll Get back to you by Sam George (dyscommunication.com)