Laying foundations with Andy Peasgood

Sip & Sow

Sep 12 2023 • 59 mins

This weeks podcast has taken me to Glasgow to meet Andy Peasgood. A gardener who’s passionate about new build homes coming with great foundations and garden spaces, to encourage those who buy them to grow and getting them off to the best start.

We also chat about what it’s really like gardening ‘up north’, with delayed seasons and tougher conditions and if there really is a gap in the horticultural community in Scotland that’s just waiting to be closed…

It was a pleasure to visit Andy and get to see his fantastic garden first hand and see just what can be done in a relatively small, new build space, some of the innovation and thinking is ingenious and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!

This episode is also available to watch in full on Youtube. Just search for the Sip & Sow Podcast.

Hosted by Tom Coleman, self taught gardener, creator and social media expert. Tom chats to those who are making huge strides in our sector and leaves listeners with even more ideas and motivation blossoming in their minds.

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This podcast is brought to you with the support of Mr. Fothergill’s seeds.

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