Stand Fast in Your Faith

Outfitting the Saints

Jan 2 2022 • 32 mins

If you were presented with a life and death situation because of your faith in God, how would you respond. If a law came down from the government that you could not worship God, would you quote to me Romans 13, and say that it is ok, because we are to obey the government. Would you obey out of fear for your life? We haven’t come to that point yet, or have we? We have already been primed for this by accepting something as OK from the government or society that the Bible says is wrong; abortion, homosexuality, divorce, affairs or living together, greed, lying, and so much more. There were three men who were presented with this situation, and yet did not bow to the pressure that was placed on them. Was it because they were extraordinary believers, or were they just stupid, or did they have a death wish? As we look at this situation, I believe we will see three young men who found out the way to stand fast in their faith. It provides us with an example to follow.