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Daniel Coulton Shaw & Alex Zakucia

The Clinic Boost podcast covers quick-fire practical strategies & tactics of rapidly reaching new patients today, tested by some of the worlds leading clinics.Regardless of wherever your clinic currently stands, this podcast can help you and your team predictably double your new patient numbers in as little as 90 days without doing more marketing, hiring more people or working more hours.Alex & Daniel have over 13 years of experience in reaching 1000's of new patients for clinics all over the world, and they are here now in audio format to help you grow wherever you are.We make it pretty hard to fail with reaching more new patients. It's time to take your clinic to a new level. Subscribe today.

Only 2 Ways To Reach More High-Value Patients
IntroductionDear clinic owner/manager,Thank you for reading this. I know our time is valuable and I will do my very best to earn your trust by getting straight to the point.So, the purpose of this blog post is to share with you in less than 5 minutes with 5 simple images, exactly what you can be doing right now as a clinic to reach more new and high-value patients.Think of it as getting an "MBA in Clinic Marketing" and explain it in such a way that even a 12-year-old, a non-English speaker can understand it.AboutBefore we get started, (and because I really want you to take this information seriously) please allow me a moment to briefly introduce myself.I am the co-founder of a relatively successful dental clinic, (5 doctors / 5 million euros per year) with learnings from 13 years of consulting for more than 126 clinics both small & large across 26 countries to increase their revenue, reputation & results collectively by over 31% - yes, even during the COVID pandemic & lockdowns.During those years, I too have been confused & misguided in the past about how best to reach new patients, thinking that there are so many different ways to choose from.I was wrong.I want to save you from the same mistakes.So here it is:No matter what "marketing agencies" and "business growth consultants" want you to believe...There are only 2 ways to get your clinic more new or high-value patients...Only 2 WaysYes, just 2. And that would be to:1. Do Marketing (nothing new here, apart from the fact that there are just 6 sources of new patient inquiries for you to focus on, so easy to do, and just 1.5 of those strategies cost real money, (1.5. is not a typo, I'll cover that later)or...2. Optimize The New Patient Journey (most clinics overlook this, but it is even easier to get more patients this way - and there are only 5 things to look at which I'll cover later)Ideally, you're doing both.But, unless you've just opened your doors to your very first patient just a few weeks ago, or no matter if you have just:10,100,or 1000 patients per week in your clinic,I'd start with...Read more here:https://www.clinicboostmethod.com/blog/only-2-ways-to-reach-more-high-value-patients
Feb 3 2022
5 mins
The ultimate self-managing clinic system - Quarterly review
Do you remember the last "great idea" that you tried to implement in your clinic?How did it turn out? Take a moment to think right now about the last "big improvement" that you thought about but never managed to implement.What happened there? Well, if you're like most clinic owners, this "great idea" slowly suffocated. In-between patients, team motivation issues, technical, legal or other competing priorities in your medical practice and life outside of the clinic, your "great idea" then quietly took a bow and disappeared without anyone noticing, not even you.If you've done the thought exercise that I mentioned above, you've probably remembered once again that "great idea" you wanted to implement a few months ago. Now you may have decided that it wasn't the right time anyway and that you'll do it sometime soon.Perhaps this isn't your case; every "great idea" you have is put into place and gets tested and worked in the clinic immediately. However, in our day to day dealing with clinics owners and their teams all over the world - failure to implement good ideas and grow isn't as unusual as you might think.We have found that the best practice of the "quarterly review" changes this problem forever for the clinics that we work with.Instead of the "daily whirlwind" of dealing with patients, team & admin issues devouring all the time and energy your team desperately needs to focus on growing your clinic, the quarterly or annual review (when supported by the other 3 accountability cadences that we suggest implementing through the clinic boost method) makes sure that your "great ideas" get implemented fast.In this podcast, we'll discuss why the most successful clinics have a morning/afternoon off for getting their whole team together every 3 months away from the clinic to reflect on the 3 months past and set goals for the next 3 months to come.We'll also share with your the exact quarterly review & quarterly agenda taken from clinics of excellence so that you can implement the same in your medical or dental practice.Ready? Let's dive in.Why have a quarterly review in your clinic?Without the quarterly review, you'll continue to stay in chaos with:Repeated MistakesUndiscovered team growthStalled growth of your clinic"We're already too busy!" I hear you say, so why have a meeting that takes half a day!? Yes - why do most successful clinics have a scheduled practice of taking a morning/afternoon off for a meeting with the whole team every 12 weeks and at the and / beginning of the year?Well, just like you do with your patients, this is a necessary time for a check-up of each system and person in your clinic to see if you are moving towards your ideal state.It's also a time to set new targets & implement new best practices.Here's a summary of how we suggest you should do it, based on the best practices of the clinics that we have worked with.The CBM Quarterly reviewWho: everybodyWhere: Away from the clinicDuration: 2-3 hoursWhen: every 3 monthsPreparation: Scoreboard, Printed 4 Questions of Accountability, Printed 4 Quarterly QuestionsThe CBM Quarterly agendaPart 1What worked?What didn't?What learned?What different?Part 2Setting your WIG (wildly important goal) for the next quarterChoosing best practices/systems to help you achieve that goalSetting up the ScoreboardCreating a Cadence of Accountability
Jan 20 2022
12 mins
You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.Forget CRM5 ways of attracting top talent to your clinicHow does a patient experience your clinic?Why are clinic owners/managers so reactive?Clinic marketing is like a game. How do you win?4 types of marketing for your clinic you never thought about5 tips on how to increase the price of your treatments3 things every new receptionist should do (and old ones too:)Don't reveal price on the phone
Common mistake that we see many clinics do is revealing the price of the treatment too early.Sometimes they say it straight in the first message and sometimes on the call.It's important to realize you're making it way harder for yourself, if you reveal the price too early.Why?According to Way of the wolf by Jordan Belfort (excellent book) there is an equation constantly going on in the head of your potential patient - is the value I'll receive more than the money I'll pay for it? This is important, because you always want to build value of your treatment first before you say exact price.I don't know about you, but I like things easy. And what I realized when I worked as a patient coordinator that a lot of value building is done for me, when the patient is on the consultation.They see our premises. They see lot of patients going in and out (social proof). They speak with the doctor (authority). All of this helps, so when I asked them to sign the treatment plan with exact price, it's much much easier.Also you can use the price as an bait for potential patient to come for the consultation.From looking at data of many clinics, we see major bottleneck doesn't happen on consultation because there is doctor present (authority) so on avg. 70% will go for treatment. However call to consult ratio is much lower, usually around 50%. So I don't know about you but I rather offer them the price and treatment on the consult where I have much higher chance of success.Key takeaway of this is: Don't try to "sell" the treatment on the call, that's hard. "Sell" consultation, that's easy.
Jun 11 2021
5 mins
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