Episode 75 Talking Certifications with Industry Veteran Steve Rice

Mark, My Words!

Jul 9 2023 • 25 mins

As a paint retailer it's hard to distinguish your stores from other retailers in the space, often leaving price and location as the only reason a customer favors you over S-W, HD or even another independent. To ensure I stood above THE crowd while calling on NY's industrial coatings users, I stood on my certification NACE Level III Coatings Inspector. THE strategy paying off to the tune of million's of dollars in additional sales over the course of my career. Almost all of which were at a higher GP than anything I was making selling Regal to NYC painters! Recent, industry veteran Steve Rice reached out to say hello and as we chatted it became clear that Steve had used NACE certification to advance his career in the same way I had and so I asked him to join me on a podcast so we could share the strategy which made us both so successful in the industrial coatings markets. Whether you're a small dealer looking to make your stores stand out in a crowded market or a larger retailer looking to grow industrial to what it should be, 30% of your total coatings sales, this episode is for you!