Setting Up Business in the UK – Incorporation of a company

Stevens & Bolton Podcast Channel

Jan 11 2024 • 8 mins

Now is an ideal time to expand your business into the UK - a mature, high-spending market which offers world-class talent, high investment and a robust, business-friendly regulatory environment in which to trade and invest. In our brand new podcast series, we speak with various experts about how to set up business in the UK, looking at all aspects of the process, including registration requirements, assembling a team, meeting tax obligations and protecting your IP. Each of our interviewees has a wealth of experience in assisting businesses on entering the UK market and all are ideally placed to discuss what makes the UK economy unique and how businesses can best capitalise on the opportunities available.

In our first episode, join our host Sarah Taylor, Senior Knowledge Lawyer, for a fascinating insight into the process of incorporating a company in the UK. Sarah speaks with Lucy Barnes, who heads up our Company Secretarial team, to talk us through some of the regulatory requirements of incorporation and discusses what often surprises overseas clients about the process, and what sometimes trips them up.