15 Year End Questions to Ask Before Setting Business Goals with Lindsay Johnson

Work Less Play More Podcast

Dec 1 2021 • 22 mins

Goal setting can’t be done with blinders on!

You’ve got to take a few days to reflect on what happened in your business over the past year BEFORE you set your business goals.

If you want to make sure you set business goals that make sense and will get you to your dream life you absolutely need to spend time reflecting on what worked and what didn't in the past year and build on all your newfound wisdom.

In this episode, I share 15 questions to help you reflect on your business growth and experiences this year … preferably over a few quiet days with NO WORK and a great playlist!

Grab your journal and get ready to write down some prompts to help you review the past year and strategically set goals for next year.

Click here to access all resources we discuss in this episode including Lindsay's 4 Business Building Basics Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know.

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