Letting Your Business Evolve into What it Wants to Be

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Oct 2 2022 • 37 mins

Letting Your Business Evolve into What it Wants to Be

The Evolution of Your Business is Directly Tied to the Evolution of YOU!
Episode 25 with Ariana Fotinakis, The 5D Business Collective


One Heck of an Identity Rollercoaster...

Ariana's first business was in fitness and birthed from her passion for fitness in her sobriety journey. As she evolved, so did her business which meant leaving her fitness business behind and branching into the new and exciting world of breathwork and somatic healing and how to use these tools to support entrepreneurs in the growth of their businesses.

But...letting her first business die in order to make space for the rebirth of her new business wasn't as easy as flipping a switch. It challenged her sense of identity and brought about five months of grieving for what was over.

And it's all been a powerful evolution that's brought her to where she is now!

Just a Few of the Magical Tidbits Ariana Shared in This Episode...

  • Our businesses are their own entities, have their own ways that they want to be expressed and their own offerings that they want to share
  • Just as we are on a continual journey to self-actualize, as human beings, our businesses are on those journeys as well
  • The healing journey is different for everybody and it's not a linear process
  • We might be really good at talking about how things make us feel, but how often do we actually feel safe and supported enough to go into that feeling and to let ourselves be in the discomfort of our feelings
  • Her thoughts on death and rebirth in entrepreneurship
  • Grieving the ending of one business while making room for what's to come
  • Losing and rediscovering her sense of identity as her business evolved

"To stifle the evolution of our business is to stifle the evolution of ourselves"
- Ariana Fotinakis, The 5D Business Collective



Supporting Your Business with Science, Spirit, and Soul!

Ariana Fotinakis is an Indigenous woman, Mama, coach, breathwork facilitator, and founder of The 5D Business Collective. Ariana takes a holistic approach when supporting her clients by blending science, spirit, and soul. She believes that every single person on this planet has something special the world needs, and that when we're well-supported and well-taken care of, we become better-equipped to share those gifts.


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