There are No Accidents with Lori Giesey

Sips of Story ‘n Sanity

Dec 3 2021 • 1 hr 24 mins

After a devastating car accident, Lori Giesey had to fight for a full recovery. Despite her doctors’ prognoses and voices from her past that said she wasn’t good or strong enough to do it, within a few years, she was a business owner again, a marathon runner, and a high-adventurer, and also inspired to share her story. The process of writing turned out to be a marathon of its own, full of important pit stops and lessons that have forever-changed the course of Lori's life.   Tune in to find out how Lori:
  • knew it was time to start writing and asking for help
  • discovered that the instructions she received to save her life in the car accident were the ones that would help her finish her book, heal her relationships, and live a magnificent life
  • reclaimed lost parts of herself after recognizing the st*ry that may have kept her from bestseller status during her launch
Grab a cup of something yummy and sip on some story 'n sanity with us!