Entrepreneurship + ADHD with Courtney Chaal (How to Make Your Business Work for Your Brain)

Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Jul 12 2022 • 44 mins

Episode #232.

About Courtney:

Courtney Chaal is a copywriter turned business coach obsessed with making complex concepts (like business models and sales copy) simple and tangible to help regular people get big results.

In 2012, she launched my copywriting services with zero experience and a desire to never have to get a “real job.” Since then, she has evolved from writing custom proposals for clients to creating a booked-out signature service (Sales Page CPR®) to launching digital products and programs like The Sales Page Kit™, Yay for Clients™, and her signature high ticket coaching program, Yay for 100K™.

Since then her business has been featured on FastCompany.com, Inc.com, the CreativeLive blog, and on dozens of podcasts.

Courtney is a BIG believer in the power of offering a signature service as the best way to start making a full-time income online. She’s taught more than 400 entrepreneurs how to make a full-time income from 1:1 services work. Now, she coaches entrepreneurs on how to streamline their services into a signature program so that they can blast the lid off of their income potential.

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Favorite Quotes

“Everything has consequences that are desired and undesired. If I'm gonna spend all my waking hours working on my business, I might hit my goal faster, but I also might deteriorate my health. You need to accept the consequences that come with the benefits of what you want.”

“I think everyone is creative. I just have a very extreme, particular type of creativity. That is my superpower. This is what helps me create all the things that I create. I'm not known for being organized. So I'm trying to become organized. Not only is it hard for me, but it is also stealing from my strength. And that was the aha! I needed to have. It's not just like, oh, you're not gonna get good at that. Me focusing on that is not only an opportunity cost. It is actually, absolutely stealing from the thing that makes me really brilliant at what I do.”

“Make sure to surround yourself with people like us (with neurodiversity) who get it. Because it can get really, really bad for your self-esteem. And if you grew up that way, just have a lot of compassion for yourself.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Focusing on the positives of being diagnosed with ADHD
  • The mindset shift of looking at neurodiversity as a superpower
  • The opportunity cost that comes with forcing yourself to be organized
  • Practice self-compassion and be around people who understand and are supportive

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