My Favorite Tool for Lead Generation (and how every business model can use this unconventional strategy!) with Jessmyn Solana

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Nov 2 2021 • 47 mins

Episode#198. Quizzes can be more than just a strategy for growing your list, creating funnels and segmenting leads. What if we’re missing an opportunity for something even bigger here? In this episode, we’re joined by Interact Quiz Builder’s Digital Marketing Manager, Jessmyn Solana. This veritable queen of quizzes shares why quizzes can be the key to human connection, how quizzes can be utilized in any type of business model and so much more. Press play now to learn how you can get incredible value out of creating a quiz!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The benefit of offering a quiz over other lead gen strategies
  • How to utilize a quiz with any type of business model
  • Why quizzes can help you serve your audience better
  • What done-for-you service providers can do with a quiz
  • How to create quizzes that are empowering for your audience

Favorite Quotes

“When you have a quiz, you invite someone with a question. It’s an invitation to have a conversation. A quiz is a human-centered approach that brings back that one-on-one conversation to growing your list.”

“Whether it’s through Buzzfeed or a lead magnet, people want to take personality quizzes to discover something about themselves or gain validation. Now that they have validation, they can do something about it and that’s where a business owner comes in.”

“A quiz can help you figure out who your target market is and what information needs to go to them. People will see your emails, and if they’re interested in what you’re providing, they’ll read them. It’s just a matter of getting their attention for them to become loyal customers.”

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More about Jessmyn:

Jessmyn Solana is the Digital Marketing Manager at Interact Quiz Builder and host of Interact’s Creator Stories Podcast.

Interact is the easiest way to convert curious people into loyal customers and happy clients by using a lead generating quiz.

Jessmyn is the strategic mind behind Interact’s flyover content, which helps entrepreneurs build their quizzes and stay connected to the brand. She is dedicated to telling the entrepreneur journey through the Creator Stories Podcast in hopes to give others a sense of belonging and community.

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