3 Keys to Raising Your Rates Without Making Your Audience Flinch

Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Sep 14 2021 • 21 mins

Episode #191. If you’ve ever thought, 'No way would my clients pay more for this offer. How can I possibly raise rates? I don’t know anyone who would pay double what I’m charging' ... this one is for you! For many business owners out there, it’s true. Their audience won’t pay more. The easy thing to do is to accept that as truth and keep your prices low.

But don’t give up hope! It is possible to raise your rates without making your audience flinch. In this episode, you’ll learn where to turn when your audience won’t pay more, how your audience might need to change, and the actionable strategies to get you to a better income-building place.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What to do when your audience won’t pay raised rates
  • My favorite way to get in front of an audience willing to pay more
  • How your brand invites your audience to pay higher rates
  • Why the psychographics of your audience make a huge difference
  • When raising your rates slowly might be the right choice

Favorite Quotes

“You have to present yourself in a room where people won’t flinch at your prices. You need to put yourself in the metaphorical Whole Foods.”

“You have to be the person who's going to show up with the energy that doesn't make people flinch at your raised rates. You need to have that energy, confidence, and certainty that you’ve got this to help your audience buy into that trust.”

“You can only grow as big as your beliefs, so if your brain is like ‘Oh, whoa, no one's ever gonna pay this ridiculous amount of money,’ then let's get your brain on board.”

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