Ditch Your Vision Board, Do This Exercise Instead!

Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Jan 4 2022 • 26 mins

Episode #207. What's the best way to start off the new year? I keep going back to an exercise I walked through in our Best Quarter Ever workshop and today I’m excited to share it with you here. If you’ve ever found that a vision board doesn’t quite get you to your goals or you just really need an extra boost of inspiration, this one’s for you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why a vision board can get you in a state of disconnect
  • The visualization exercise to get you more in alignment
  • How to manage the negative feelings around your goals
  • A backward way to look at your goals for a big mindset shift

Favorite Quotes

“A vision board is all about the things that you want. It’s acknowledging that you’re in a state of want and lack. That resistance is not helping you get there any faster.”

“In 2020, my word of the year was ‘No’. I’m very sorry and yes, I have a lot of regrets about that. So I’m not doing anything like that this year, but I'm feeling the good year energy, and I hope you are too.”

“What were you feeling after achieving your goals? Were you feeling excited? Were you feeling proud? Did you wonder if it would ever happen again or feel overwhelmed? Sometimes when we have our best month or best quarter ever it brings up negative things too.”

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