How to Stand Out and Create a Bond with Your Audience with Sandy Waters

Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Jul 13 2021 • 52 mins

Episode #182. As business owners we’re all broadcasters, so why don’t we learn some personal branding secrets from the broadcasting business? Sandy Waters is a co-host of one of the longest-running morning radio show teams and a podcaster herself. She teaches business owners how to use radio techniques to engage their audience and inspire loyal fans. Whether you’re hosting a podcast, creating content, or just showing up for your community on social media, you’ll be able to use these expert tips and tricks to bring more of your personality into your business and connect with your audience on another level.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Radio co-host secrets to bringing more of ‘you’ into your business
  • How to be the most memorable tour guide in your area of expertise
  • The key to teasing out little parts of your personality that make a huge impact
  • Why forgetting to show imperfection can actually make you seem unlikable

Favorite Quotes

“When you don't exaggerate who you are, you almost become generic. What's bringing the audience to you is how you connect with them by showing your personality and these little quirks that you have in your character.”

“They say ‘Your ideal client is you six months ago.’ This is very common advice. But that's not always the best ideal client. Sometimes you're supporting someone who's very different and you were never that person. This is permission to be talking to people that are not like you.”

“Really dig deep into your stories. Stories that your audience will be like, ‘Oh my gosh, Did she just say that out loud?’ Because those are the moments that are going to connect with your listener.”

Discussed on the Show:

More about Sandy:

Sandy Waters is the co-host of the radio morning show Spezzano and Sandy on 98.9 The Buzz and host of the Seven Figure$ podcast: Smart Money Strategies for Women.

She received the honor of being voted "Best Radio Personality (Female)" in City Newspaper's "Best of Rochester" awards in 2010. During her 20+ years in the business, she also served as a voice talent for radio, TV, and corporate as well as on-camera talent for TV.

Sandy is very passionate about helping and dedicating her time to non-profit organizations such as UNYFEAT, RESOLVE, Willow, and the Zonta Club of Rochester along with being the annual MC at several fundraising events for The Gilda's Club of Rochester.

Another passion of hers is educating people about personal finance. "Debt is not an option” is a phrase she often heard from her father. She believes that no matter the age or bank account balance, there is always something to learn. And that is why she started the $even Figure$ podcast featuring the expertise of financially successful people who share their formula to achieve financial freedom.

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