147 Visionary Client Spotlight | Starting a Nutrition Business

Visionary Life | Marketing & Business Podcast

Dec 14 2020 • 45 mins

When Tara’s first born child came along, she didn’t want her output to change. She's a go-getter and didn't want to sacrifice her driven spirit.

But something had to give.

As if overnight, she had to learn to balance her career, her fitness, the nutrition of herself and her family, and she needed to learn a whole new method of time management and goal setting. And things have only gotten busier since her kids have grown.

Through the years, Tara has found comfort in the fact that you CAN be a working mom who is dedicated to your career and devoted to your family, while still living a healthy, and inspired life.

And while perfect isn’t possible, Tara is an example to so many women and entrepreneurs who are ALSO wearing many hats in their life.

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