e18 • the one with the dart

The One With FRIENDS

Mar 8 2020 • 52 mins

s1 e19 • the one with the dart (the one where the monkey gets away)

ross sets the mood to win rachel over. mr heckles receives a delivery of an inhuman amount of bananas. and, barry doesn’t knock?!?! 😡

meanwhile, woo is a funny word...and also a command on sims. a happily married danielle is still considered a threat by her ex’s girl. you find out for the first time that we hate the broadway show ‘cats’. and, we wonder if there is a site that helps you find the outfits from this show?

also, last minute podcast guest, danielle’s mom, comes THRU to spill the tea on danielle’s most hated haircut 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

this episode is dedicated in loving memory of buckwheat, the single plastic wrapped american cheese loving dog. here’s to you (insert gif of grating cheese over a quesadilla)

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