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This week in Africa: March 12th 2023
Mar 13 2023
This week in Africa: March 12th 2023
Former Senegalese PM Cheikh Hadjibou Soumare in police custodyFormer Senegalese Prime Minister, Cheikh Hadjibou Soumare, has been placed under police custody for unknown reasons, according to a report on fintech startups working on fraud blacklistFintech startups in Nigeria are developing a blacklist of individuals and companies involved in fraudulent activities, as part of an initiative to reduce financial fraud and increase trust among investors, as reported by's debt takeover marred by CEO's explosive allegations and ANC lawsuitSouth Africa's largest electricity supplier, Eskom, has been facing a massive debt crisis, and the takeover of its debt has been impacted by explosive allegations from the CEO and an ANC lawsuit, as reported by The Africa Report.Ethiopia asks US to reinstate AGOA trade benefitsEthiopia has requested the United States to reinstate its trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which was repealed in January 2023. The request was made by the Ethiopian Ambassador to the US, as reported by The Africa Report.Mali postpones constitutional referendumMali has postponed its constitutional referendum, which was expected to bring about significant changes to the country's political system, according to an article on Al Jazeera. The article does not provide any specific reasons for the postponement.The first rains have hit Mozambique as Cyclone Freddy approaches, according to an article on Al Jazeera. The country is still recovering from the previous cyclone, and measures are being taken to prepare and mitigate the impact