Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen for Cooking Meals When You Have No Kitchen l Ep#149

Meal Prep Monday Podcast™

Dec 19 2022 • 12 mins

In this episode host, Allison Schaaf, shares tips and lessons learned for setting up a temporary kitchen during renovations or home repairs. She just underwent a kitchen renovation and wishes she had done these two things differently!

Two things I wish I had done:

  1. Freezer Meals - More freezer meals would have been so helpful!
  2. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen Sooner - What are you losing access to? If you won’t have a fridge, you may need to get a mini fridge (or borrow one!) Will you have access to the stove, oven, sink? If not, what are you going to do instead?

For our recent renovations, we set up shelves in our dining room with bowls, plates, silverware, some cooking utensils, a knife and cutting board and some pantry items.

In terms of cooking, I used a plug-in griddle for anything I would normally cook in a pan on the stovetop. My rice cooker also came in handy! An Instant Pot and slow cooker also work well without kitchen access.

Having a good sink was also a challenge. We have a utility sink we set up as a dishwashing station with a table next to it. Thinking through all of the things you’ll be missing and establishing a temporary kitchen setup is really helpful during a renovation!

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