Using Batching to Boost Efficiency l EP#107

Meal Prep Monday Podcast™

Dec 6 2021 • 11 mins

Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf continues her miniseries on efficiency today, focusing on batching.

Batching Breakfast:

You can approach this two ways. First, you can prep breakfast for the week ahead. Examples include a big batch of oatmeal, a frittata or prepping veggies for a quick breakfast hash.

My favorite way to batch breakfast is to create some freezer meals! Smoothie bags are great for this. Divide smoothie ingredients into individual bags so they’re easy to toss in the blender. This works best if you freeze in a single layer before adding to the bags to avoid big clumps.

Breakfast burritos are also great for stocking the freezer. These work really well for lunch or a filling snack as well.

Muffins freeze well too. Don’t forget frittata muffins! Egg and veggie or egg and sweet potato frittata muffins freeze quite well.

Lunches & Dinners:

First, you can batch ingredients. For example, make a big batch of a grain, such as rice pilaf, to eat a few times throughout the week. You can serve it with a different protein each time.

Similarly, you can make a roast or other large protein to enjoy in different ways throughout the week.

Batch your chopping through chopping all of your veggies all at once to save time throughout the week.

Another way to batch lunches and dinners is, again, to use your freezer! Any type of casserole freezes well. Lasagna and shepherd’s pie are some of my favorites. Sauces also freeze really well! Next time you make pesto or a marinade, make a double batch and freeze. Soups and stews also freeze well.

Bonus: Batch your supplements! Get a days-of-the-week pill box and divide up your supplements to avoid opening different bottles every day.

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