Connected Nation

Jessica Denson

This is Connected Nation – an award-winning podcast focused on all things broadband. From closing the Digital Divide to simply improving your internet speeds, we talk technology topics that impact all of us, our families, and our communities. Learn more about the national nonprofit behind this podcast at connectednation.org.

How a new network brings the federal government directly to the front porch of rural AmericaThe company that invites you to own the internet, empower your communityEurope vs. the US: which countries and cities have the fastest internet speeds"It's as fast as it can get." How Kentucky is becoming one of the best connected states in the countryThe forecast for consumer tech and the woman-owned company that’s predicting what’s coming nextFrom Alabama to the Arctic Circle: how to build the internet for everyone, everywhereProphecies for Black tech in AmericaWhy the need for universal broadband is a civil rights issueWhat new data tells us about internet access in the nation's second largest stateThis award-winning startup provides innovative support for Black culture and eventsClosing the skills gap: how a leader in ed tech says we can fill in-demand, high-paying jobs nowNew Data: The state of school connectivity in AmericaHow one of the nation's largest agricultural co-ops is working to close the Digital Divide in rural AmericaA former Microsoft Executive and Amazon Senior Vice President brings his latest (and free) program to the USWhat wildfires taught Link Oregon's leaders about expanding broadband accessFarm Fresh Broadband: The politics of rural connectivityThe Great Empatico Expedition: an adventure to help students make friends around the worldLearning while being under-connected: what new research uncovers about digital inequity in AmericaOne teen's mission to close the Digital Divide and what he's asking YOU to do about itThe simple change to America's supply chain that could put a computer in everyone's home