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Transforming Public Access to Data & Regulations with Leila Banijamali of Symbium (Part 1)
Dec 2 2021
Transforming Public Access to Data & Regulations with Leila Banijamali of Symbium (Part 1)
Zachary is joined by Leila Banijamali, CEO and Co-Founder of Symbium, a California-based company that uses Complaw® to help make sense of complex zoning codes and regulations. A company that grew out of a collaboration at Stanford University’s CodeX and the Computer Science Department, Symbium is developing an exciting new online housing platform that will make it much easier and user-friendly for property owners – and potential property owners – to understand what they can and cannot do with their properties. Using its own Complaw®-powered platform, Symbium’s applications make the zoning and planning regulations that shape our cities and towns easy to navigate, allowing anyone to assess what's possible on a piece of property or across a jurisdiction.Highlights of their discussion include:Leila's career path, including her transition from a tech/licensing lawyer to a start-up founder.The importance of increasing public access to public government data. How does Symbium transform how the public interacts with the regulations that govern what they can do on their properties?How Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), a secondary housing structure built on a property that has an existing main home or structure, could potentially help ease California's housing crisis.Listen to part 2 here, where Zachary and Leila review computational law (Complaw®) and how it empowers the public to take control of complex government property data.Visit our website for information about our legal services related to emerging technologies.