0504 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—Will do.

Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Oct 11 2015 • 4 mins

Today’s expression and dialog:

Will do.

You going over to Mike’s?

Yeah. I’m on my way now.

Tell him I’ll see him on Friday.

Will do.

I hope your Sunday is a nice day for you--what are your plans? Today, I think I will go hiking...if it's not too hot. Yesterday was STILL hot...hurry fall weather! Just a reminder: we have a FREE COMMUNITY on our website--letsmasterenglish-- GO THERE! You do NOT need to log in, you can chat with other people, easily set up G+ hangouts and Skype Hangouts. We are still looking for problems, so if you find one, PLEASE let us know! I want you guys to PRACTICE these expressions and conversations with each other--so please use our community!
Have a great one!
Coach Shane

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