0446 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to catch up

Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Aug 8 2015 • 6 mins

Today’s expression and dialog: to catch up

What else we need?

Ketchup. You go down that aisle. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.

But I don’t know what kind of ketchup to buy.

Organic!! Duh~~

Well, as you know, I was sick for about two weeks. During that time, I missed many classes and was late with some videos. BUT...finally, I have done everything! My schedule is back to normal. I have "CAUGHT UP". Today we are going to learn the phrasal verb "to catch up". Of course, the past tense would be "caught up". It is VERY useful. We use this verb in SO many situations...but the nuance (meaning) is always the same. Please enjoy the podcast and start using this excellent phrasal verb in YOUR daily conversation!! Don't forget, you can ALWAYS tweet me your example sentences on TWITTER--@coachshane! Have a great Saturday!

Coach Shane

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