Episode 14 - Sarah Bragg

For Real with Kimberly Stuart

Apr 5 2022 • 45 mins

I have long loved and admired Sarah Bragg, so it was such a delight to have her join me on For Real! Sarah is the friend you want to move next door, fire up a pot of coffee, and put in a few hours of chatting on the front porch about what it’s really like to be a mom, writer, podcaster, and carpool driver. Sarah has a passion to help folks survive right where they are, and I know you’re going to love hearing her heart.

Sarah Bragg is a popular podcast host, communicator, and author. You can find her on iTunes hosting the podcast Surviving Sarah. She is also the author of A Mother’s Guide to Raising Herself: What Parenting Taught Me About Life, Faith and Myself. She is also a wife, mother of girls, and a creative entrepreneur. Sarah and her family reside in Tennessee. You can find more from her at SarahBragg.com and @sarahwbragg.

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