Episode 06 - Stefanie Boyce

For Real with Kimberly Stuart

Nov 30 2021 • 41 mins

This conversation was a really deep breath in and then out again. Stefanie Boyce is the best teacher of how to swim through the most treacherous, overwhelming waters and emerge with robust hope and honest faith. I hope you grab hold of her words and don’t let go.

Stefanie Boyce is a speaker, yoga instructor, spiritual director, and director of The Oaks, a retreat center designed to help people create, rest, and celebrate in Southern California. In her honest, real-life approach that people have come to love, audiences have found encouragement, inspiration, and renewed hope. Guiding others from a perspective birthed out of her own journey of pain and loss, she encourages others to find beauty in difficult circumstances. In 2019, Stefanie launched her first business, The Inner Sanctuary, hosting workshops, retreats, yoga instruction, and private consultation. Blending her creative passions, psychology degree, church staff experience, and training in spiritual direction and yoga, Stefanie loves holding space for others to get curious, dig deep, and grow.  She is a wife and mother to three: Ellie, her brother Jayden and sister Brooklyn, both home in heaven.

Learn more about The Oaks at OaksCenter.com and on Instagram @TheOaksCenter.

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