Improving your employees' financial well-being / Interview with Jonatan Marc Rasmussen — Co-founder & CEO of All Gravy

Highway to Scale

Sep 23 2022 • 47 mins

In today's episode of Highway to Scale, we’re joined by Jonatan Marc Rasmussen, the Co-Founder and CEO of All Gravy —  a financial wellness app for hourly paid employees. In this episode, Jonatan will tell us more about the current state of the gig economy and how businesses can improve their employees' financial well-being.


Jonatan Marc Rasmussen — All Gravy CEO & Co-founder

Jonatan Marc Rasmussen is the Co-Founder and CEO of All Gravy — a venture-funded Fintech solution for hourly paid and gig workers in Denmark. He’s a former management consultant turned entrepreneur, with experience in venture-building, commercial strategy and innovation.

Since the dark days of consulting, he’s focused on the startup world working on the venture side helping create startups and scaling scale-ups always with a keen focus on customer-led products. He learned the ropes as a Strategy Consultant working primarily for Financial Institutions across Europe.

ABOUT All Gravy:

All Gravy is the app for hourly paid employees. It gives them a live payslip and full control over their money. With All Gravy, they have an overview of their earnings, bills and savings goals, and access to their salary as soon as they have finished their shift.

Employers benefit from a more motivated workforce, who are more likely to take shifts and can save their finance and HR teams a lot of time by ensuring their employees always understand which shifts they are getting paid for at which times.

All Gravy is a venture-backed company, backed by Founders who have built companies such as Pleo and Kontist.