Replacing clicks with conversations / Interview with Henrik Fabrin — CEO of Certainly

Highway to Scale

Jun 3 2022 • 50 mins

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In today's episode of Highway to Scale I'm joined by Henrik who is the CEO of Certainly. Henrik will tell us more about improving customer experiences and ecommerce conversions through conversations, the importance of understanding the strengths and weaknesses between different members of the co-founding team, and why a CEOs description of the company vision is an important aspect of raising capital in the early rounds.
Dorian — Bornfight Content Creator
Henrik Fabrin — Certainly CEO

Henrik is the CEO & Co-founder of the multi-award-winning Conversational AI scaleup Certainly. He’s an ecommerce specialist, a tech nerd, and a multiple startup founder.

Henrik has worked in ecommerce tech for over ten years. During this time, he founded three companies that aim to accelerate growth for companies doing business online. Certainly is Henrik’s latest and greatest endeavor, founded in 2017 together with co-founder Dario Rodriguez. The company has grown exponentially after being backed by two rounds of funding.

In addition, Henrik regularly keynotes as an AI expert, both internationally and nationally, and is an advisor to the Danish Government on the subject.

Certainly is a Conversational AI Platform that is on a mission to help businesses build incredible user experiences for ecommerce by replacing clicks with conversations.

With its no-code Chatbot Builder, the Certainly Conversational AI Platform offers a fun and easy building experience. The product offers high-quality user experiences across channels, seamless integrations with dozens of business systems, and a powerful, proprietary AI that detects any language and offers ready-to-use content in 14+ languages.

Certainly is trusted by brands such as Carlsberg, Tiger of Sweden,, The Fragrance Shop, Trustpilot, Siksilk, Deloitte, Zendesk, and AKQA.
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