Sigal Music Museum Showcase w/ Thomas Strange

Piano Tech Radio Hour

Sep 27 2023 • 58 mins

Thomas Strange–a fascinating, multi-talented individual and the owner of the musical instrument museum–makes an appearance on this program. In 2008, Thomas was asked to build a Museum to preserve his collection of keyboards. In a decade his vision materialized and gained significant community support. A private collection to a world-class collection of musical instruments, Thomas tells the story of how he was able to set up the ‘Sigal Music Museum.’ If you are ever curious to dive deeper into the historical roots of keyboard instruments, this is a key place to check out.

With a collection of instruments all the way from the 14th century, Thomas tells the story of these keyboards, their sounds, and their relevance.

Have you ever wondered how to take period pianos to the next level? Thomas, gives us his expert take. Explore the nuances of conservation and other alternatives to showcasing antique instruments in this deeply fascinating session.

Here’s a little bit about our guest Thomas Strange:

Thomas Strange has presented numerous lectures/concerts on early piano development and is a builder and restorer of early keyboard instruments. An article on the life of early square pianoforte builder John Geib was published in Eighteenth-Century Music, in March 2010.

In addition, Strange has an extensive background in materials science, and is the author of forty-three patents and numerous papers over the last two decades, covering all aspects of capacitor development, with an emphasis on foil development for aluminum electrolytics.


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