following energy

Staci Boden

Following energy explores how energy healing and somatic wisdom can be both practical and magical. If you’re someone who does your inner work. If you want to be the change by leveling up in life and leadership. If you’re ready to experience the potency in your heart, belly and bones. Join host Staci Boden--somatic energy author and teacher--for down-to-earth conversations with guests that connect following energy with body wisdom to ignite potential. Energy often talks through work, health, relationships, leadership and life itself, but what is it trying to say? And how can listening to your body become a key for finding your way? Tune in and discover how following energy can help you embody your new paradigm of possibility. read less

Deep Practical Play: (Some) Benefits of Following Energy
Aug 30 2023
Deep Practical Play: (Some) Benefits of Following Energy
Host and lead somatic energy teacher, Staci Boden opens today's episode with a brief reflection about the shift with the podcast into following energy. From there, she offers a quick somatic practice, introduces her guest, Miki Johnson,  and explore some deep, practical and playful benefits that come from following energy.Miki is an ICF-certified leadership coach, a somatic energy guide, a 7Directions dance ceremony facilitator, a business founder four times over, and the mother of two amazing little boys. Through her career, ranging from journalism and marketing to employer branding and enterprise sales, and now her coaching and facilitation work, the connecting thread has been to lead with curiosity, to listen for the story under the surface, and to look for unexpected connections.Based on her long relationship with following energy, Miki shares that following energy has led to a "whole life transformation" as a resource for:Navigating an overwhelmed, stuck and spinning mind Learning to trust your decision making process Letting go of exhausting (codependent) over-giving Becoming an empowered and empowering business leader and momFeeling supported by something bigger, as if you're not going it aloneMeeting the crunch of daily mishaps with curiosity and playDeveloping the ability to navigate hard times, and the wisdom to know the difference To learn how to follow energy in work, life and leadership in a structured way, check out Staci's four month Following Energy for Change Makers program.