Modern data warehousing and data engineering viewed as specialized software engineering with Ken Farmer, Data Engineering Manager at Alto Pharmacy

The Tech Trek

Nov 19 2020 • 32 mins

Meet:  Ken is the data engineering manager at Alto Pharmacy - which offers free, same-day medication delivery to customers.   Alto's data engineering team supports the entire business with a large focus on improving the logistical efficiency of the organization.

Ken's career has focused on data engineering in which he has held a variety of roles in management,  data engineering, and data architecture roles, and worked as both an employee and consultant.   Ken feels that data engineering is a specialization of software engineering - and benefits from many of the same process innovations - around testing, agile, DevOps, and dataops methodologies.

What you’ll learn:

What does a modern data warehousing solution look like

Data engineering shift from GUI tools to software engineering

Data engineering viewed as specialized software engineering

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