From Childhood Dreams to Success - How DJ CeeJay followed her passion and reached success in every area of her life as a female DJ & wife

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Nov 5 2023 • 41 mins

Hi everyone,

In this inspiring episode, I'm honoured to have the amazing DJ CeeJay who's sharing her inspiring story with us! She was indeed able - through mindset, hard work and dedication - to turn her childhood dream and passion into a thriving career as a female DJ in a male-dominated industry, empowered by her loving husband DJ Theo.

About DJ CeeJay:

Born as a music-lover soul in a music orientated family, DJ Ceejay's journey and career really took off in in 1999 when she met DJ Theo.

She embraced RnB, Hip Hop, as her "first love" on the decks and later, House and Trance. Her passion, hard work and growth-oriented mindset enabled her to overcome industry norms, and she earned her place among DJ elites.

During the pandemic, she found a way to take her business and passion online, co-founding PRO DJ, an international DJ agency, with her husband DJ Theo. She now leads BEATZ IN MOTION, delivering the best of House music through live streams and mixes on her Website and Mixcloud.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • DJ CeeJay's childhood dream of becoming a DJ and how she made it a reality.
  • The power of passion and dedication in pursuing a career you love.
  • Building a thriving online community of music enthusiasts.
  • How DJ CeeJay and her husband maintain an empowering and supportive relationship that's an example to many.
  • Insights into self-leadership, pursuing your dreams, and fostering a passionate community.

This episode is packed with motivation, real-life examples, and DJ CeeJay's contagious positive energy.

Press play now if you need an extra proof that YES following your heart is the key to more joy, success and fulfillment, don't miss this conversation!

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