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Mogul Chix® Chat is a cold water, in-your-face wake up call (part humor, part education, full on real talk) for high performing Female Founders to get their mindsets ready to get a seat at the table, then go secure the block, the industry and the wealth. This podcast focuses on the unsexy stuff in business & the inner workings of making a company sustainable and profitable. We talk about building wealth, building companies, leadership, making Mogul Moves, & building legacy. This podcast is part blueprint, and part masterclass. You can hear valuable tips and advice from the host and hear from women who are blazing trails and kicking ass in their respective industries. It's a tell all on how to navigate and be successful as a woman in business. Mogul Chix® helps Female Founders grow and scale profitable, job creating companies, and eventually get their companies investment ready. We also help groom them into dynamic leaders and CEOs. Mogul Chix® is a mindset, a way of life and a blueprint for Female Founders who want to build a legacy of wealth and a generational business empire. We provide Strategic Business Growth solutions, and a platform for resources, mentoring, networks and education. Our mission is to take your company from flat to profit generating to job creating and ultimately to investment ready. My personal mission is to help you build and run a better company, reimagine the way you do business, and build lasting wealth. .  Host Adrienne Graham is the CEO and proud founder of Mogul Chix® LLC. She is a serial entrepreneur and self-made businesswoman who is a Strategic Business Growth Adviser, Published Author, Magazine Publisher, Mentor and Investor. read less


Episode 61: Episode 61: Replicate to Scale, or Fail
Jan 24 2024
Episode 61: Episode 61: Replicate to Scale, or Fail
No one woman can be an island unto herself…or however the saying goes. Let me just say if you are not looking to build a company that is independent of you, this episode is not for you.  It’s OK to be the little fish and play small, for a little while. But if you’re listening to this, I get the feeling you’re ready to play bigger. When you’re looking to build generational wealth, a company that can be handed down through generations, you have to build with the intention to scale. And for you that means, as the Founder, diminishing your day to day role so that you can leverage the expertise of your team. I know, it can be tough to spend so much time and energy on building the business, endearing yourself to clients, servicing all the clients, and doing every job within the business simply because it’s YOURS. But guess what. Doing that leads you to burn out and severely handicaps your earning potential. What do you want? Do you want to build a thriving company that produces jobs as well as solves your clients’ pain points? Or do you want to be the star of the show? You can’t do both, nor should you want to. Let’s look that the long game here. Building a company that can stand strongly independent of you takes time, understanding and releasing the ego. Today I want to focus on building a scalable company without crumbling beneath the weight of it all. I’ll share my own tips and when I finally got a firm understanding of what it all means.