Episode 65: Episode 65: There’s No Lack of Funding for WOC, Let’s Be More Strategic to Get It

Mogul Chix® Chat Podcast

Mar 22 2024 • 39 mins

On Facebook, I posted about Women of Color & access to capital, & it got lot's of like's comments & views. Clearly this is a conversation that needs to be had. People often lament about there not being any viable capital resources for Women of Color and how we can't get into those rooms.

But you've seen Mogul Chix® Academy, right?

This is not a new conversation. There ARE resources to get WOC in the door and across the threshold. And I have been talking about this since the early 2000's. The conversation has been there. So let's make some inroads to change the narrative. Today I'm giving my insight into why the media headlines will keep us thinking there isn't much out there for us, and what we need to be doing (as founders and investors) to make sure that WOC are getting the access and getting into the rooms to make it happen.