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Episode 018: Chef Amanda Rios
May 1 2024
Episode 018: Chef Amanda Rios
In this episode of High Level Chronicles, we are joined by special guest Chef Amanda Rios. They start the episode with a discussion about what games and shows they have been enjoying recently. Then, they dive into an interview with Chef Amanda, discussing her background in cooking and her move to California and being on Netflix. They also talk about her birthday falling on 4/20 and how she celebrates it. The conversation then shifts to cooking with cannabis and Chef Amanda's experiences in infusing cannabis into her dishes. They also discuss their favorite infused recipes and the importance of using quality ingredients. Chef Amanda discusses the intersection of southern foodways and cannabis, highlighting the fusion of culinary traditions and cannabis in her own household. She also talks about the cannabis industry in California and the affordability of cannabis products. The conversation then shifts to Chef Amanda's experience on Netflix's Cooked with Cannabis and the shooting schedule for the show. She emphasizes the importance of professionalism in her work as a chef and the honor of being a part of people's special moments. Chef Amanda also shares her experience teaching a cannabis extension course at City College of San Francisco and the importance of understanding the history and power of cannabis. Chef Amanda shares her experiences working with musicians and celebrities, including Dave Chappelle and Morgan Freeman. She emphasizes the importance of creating joy and constant vibes through her food. She also expresses her love for butter as a must-have ingredient in the kitchen. Amanda believes that the next big thing in cannabis cuisine will be the fusion of cannabis with everyday meals. She encourages everyone to make the most of the upcoming summer and plans to work with dispensaries and budtenders in the future.