Are Golf Courses and Sports Fields Poisoning Us?

Integrative You Radio

Aug 31 2023 • 23 mins

Welcome to another episode of Integrative You Radio! Dr. Nicole will guide us through the complex world of chemical exposure and its effects on our well-being. Using a real case study involving a young individual with a history of migraines and exposure to a green substance used on golf courses, we explore the links between his health challenges and the chemicals present in his environment. Unveiling the toxic compounds such as Paris Green, an arsenic-based insecticide, and other common chemicals used in golf course maintenance, Dr. Nicole will delve into the potential dangers they pose to vital systems like the liver, kidneys, respiratory and digestive systems, and even the pineal gland. This episode serves as a stark reminder that these chemicals travel beyond the golf course, affecting all of us. Join the Dr. as she discusses how these toxins can compromise detoxification pathways and contribute to various health issues, urging us to take a closer look at the products we use and the environments we inhabit.

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What you’ll learn:

  1. Chemical Impact: The episode highlights risks from chemicals used on golf courses, such as arsenic-based Paris Green, which can harm vital body systems.
  2. Rethinking Health: Aging-related health issues might have environmental causes, prompting listeners to question assumptions and explore holistic health solutions.
  3. Detox Importance: Maintaining effective detox pathways (liver, kidneys) is crucial. Chemical exposure can hinder detox, emphasizing the need for healthy choices.


“Many men facing issues like prostate concerns have been attributed to 'aging,' but I challenge that notion and believe we're designed to live healthier lives" - Dr. Nicole

"Your detoxification pathways are under assault all day every day, especially if you have not cleaned up your personal products"  - Dr. Nicole