Ken Alford: Dreams As Revelation

All In

Jul 24 2019 • 46 mins

Do our dreams carry spiritual significance? And if so, how do we know? Ken Alford, a professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University, looks back at the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the history of the Church to explore the idea of dreams as revelation.  Show Notes 2:37- Why Study Dreams? 9:23- Distinguishing a Dream of Significance From Other Dreams 12:36- Are We Entitled To Revelatory Dreams or Are Some People Dreamers 16:18- Nightmares 18:38- Interpreting Our Dreams 20:15- Dreams In Church History 29:16- Receiving Dreams For Other People? 31:10- Advance Notice of Church Callings 34:54- Dreams about the Savior 38:14- Scriptural Dreams 40:48- Dreams as Tender Mercies 44:14- What Does It Mean To Be All In The Gospel of Jesus Christ? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.