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The Chain

Roddy Millar

The Chain is all about breaking poor leadership habits that most of us get shackled by. Chains are associated with tying things down and restricting movement - but they are also about connection and providing safety and support. These are the two sides of leadership, one is restrictive the other supportive.

I'm Roddy Millar, founder of the Ideas for Leaders platform. I created Ideas for Leaders to bring the best leadership research and ideas from academics at top business schools and thought-leaders in practice from across the globe to the desks and screens of managers around the world. The Chain leverages my extensive network to share the thinking of diverse and interesting influencers on leadership and on making organisations more human, more productive and more fulfilling.

The podcasts are usually around 35 minutes long.

There is also a, possibly apocryphal, story of General Eisenhower before he became 34th US President, training other generals. He would pile a heavy-linked chain on a table and ask the generals to describe where it would go and how it would lie if they were to push it - the answer being it could go any of several directions as it fell; however if they were to pull it, its direction would be clear. The concept of leaders having the choice of pushing their followers or pulling them was thus clarified.

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