The Business of Learning, Bonus Episode: AI in L&D — 5 Things You Need to Know

The Business of Learning

Sep 21 2023 • 27 mins

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting nearly every industry, including learning and development (L&D). With all the hype around AI, it makes sense that L&D professionals have some questions: How will AI impact the learning leader's role? How can it be used to make their jobs easier? How will it shape the future of corporate training as a whole?

Training Industry’s CEO, Ken Taylor, and Dr. Tom Whelan, director of research, recently sat down to discuss how AI is bringing both challenges and opportunities to the L&D field. Their conversation offers greater clarity for learning leaders around the future of L&D in the age of AI.

In this episode, we outline five things you need to know, as a learning leader, about AI and its potential to impact corporate training as we know it.