The Business of Learning, Episode 70: Harnessing the Power of Competency Modeling

The Business of Learning

Dec 4 2023 • 50 mins

Competency modeling offers learning and development (L&D) professionals a data-driven approach to understanding employee skills and abilities, and their alignment with job roles and functions.

However, building impactful competency models can be complex, particularly in large, geographically dispersed organizations. This episode of The Business of Learning offers expert advice that can help you begin building custom competency models for your organization. Listen now for insights from Dr. Amy DuVernet, CPTM, director of training and development at Training Industry, Alyssa Kaszycki, learning product manager at Training Industry, Brian Blecke, founding partner and senior learning strategist at Actio Learning, and Kelly Smith, partner and senior performance consultant at Actio Learning.