The Business of Learning, Episode 66: Demystifying Training Measurement — How to Prove L&D’s Business Value

The Business of Learning

Aug 22 2023 • 43 mins

Measuring the business impact of training has long been a notorious challenge for learning and development (L&D) professionals, and rightly so: It requires a certain level of business savvy, in addition to working with stakeholders well before rolling out a program.

In this episode of The Business of Learning, we spoke with industry experts Lindsey Clayton, a learning and development consultant at Caterpillar, Dr. Allan Church, managing partner at Maestro Consulting and former senior vice president of global talent management at Pepsi Co., and Dr. Jaimie Krause, director of L&D at Indeed in global learning and enablement, for tips that can help "demystify" training measurement and prove the value of training to the business.