The worst health advice on the internet

No Wellness Wankery

Jul 25 2022 • 26 mins

With all the pseudoscience and wacky nutrition nonsense, it’s hard to know what to eat anymore. Huge amounts of nutrition information isn’t always a good thing.. and with the internet era comes a whole new wave of information.

When every Instagrammer with an interest in avocados feels comfortable handing out health advice (even when it’s completely wrong)... we have a problem.

When Netflix releases a new documentary every 6 months that makes us scared of a different food group... we have a problem.

As a dietitian and nutritionist, Lyndi comes across bad health advice all the time. So we thought it was time to sort the wellness from the wankery and run through  the worst health advice on the internet – along with some important things to learn along with way.

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