[Taking Full Ownership Series] Getting the Best Out of Your Team: From Unengaged to Engaged

Owning the Wait

May 18 2023 • 25 mins

We are tackling a topic that many managers struggle with, how to motivate and connect with an unengaged employee. It's common knowledge that a team composed of high-performing, engaged individuals can produce quality output. However, what happens when you have an employee who isn't meeting their potential or lacks motivation?

As a manager, it's your responsibility to identify the root cause of their disengagement and find ways to help them get back on track. It can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you can turn things around. We’ll be sharing our insights and experiences on how to tackle this challenge.

[1:00] Introducing today’s topic and discussing the employee that is often unengaged, and halfway out the door.

[4:44] What are some early signs of unengaged employees and how to identify them.

[9:40] What are some ways to help get your team engaged in the business so they can perform their best?

[14:28] The importance of giving team members the proper level of decision rights and ownership for their positions.

[20:59] As a leader, how do you encourage a manager to relinquish some decision rights to a potentially unengaged employee, to help the employee reengage?

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