[Taking Full Ownership Series] No Excuses: The Importance of Managing Your Time

Owning the Wait

Mar 30 2023 • 22 mins

Time management is the skill that can make or break you. If you don't work at developing it, you will likely reach a point where your schedule is no longer sustainable.

In the early days of Fit-Flavors, time management was fun for me, almost like a game, but as time went on my schedule got increasingly complicated to the point that I was drowning in it. I had to learn and adapt to all of the things I had taken on if I wanted to be successful.

What did that look like? Well, I had to get some help and I had to invest my time in the areas that most needed my attention. I started color blocking my schedule and noticing the balance I had between work and life in a given week.

If you don't feel like you have enough time or you feel like you aren't spending your time on the right things, it can be so helpful to sit down and set up time blocks! You have to understand your schedule, how you work best, and move things around the week from there.

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