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#088- Zoe Stephens: An Inside Look at North Korea From a Guide in the Country
May 11 2022
#088- Zoe Stephens: An Inside Look at North Korea From a Guide in the Country
This week we learn about the mostly unknown closed off world of life inside North Korea. I speak with UK citizen Zoe Stephens who has worked for a tour company for several years that takes people into the country and shows them life inside the hermit nation. This was an eye opening conversation that disproves quite a few myths about North Korea while also understanding the issues within the country as well. I learned so much and while I was not shocked to hear that the everyday citizen is normally amazing (which is often the case anywhere) I was surprised by some of the other things about North Korea Zoe teaches us. This was a really enlightening conversation looking at North Korea in a very different lens than most of us in the Western world know the country.Disclaimer: This conversation is for learning purposes about a very unknown yet complicated place with a past and present that some would say is oppressive. While Zoe gives some opinions on the country and the myths she thinks it holds these are her opinions and should be looked at as such. This conversation should not be taken as the podcast giving an endorsement, agreement, opposition, or disagreement of what is said about North Korea.--------------------------------------------Zoe's Travel Instagram: North Korea Travel Instagram: YouTube Channel: Instagram: follow/subscribe to the podcast to get the new episodes when they come out each week and rate us on Apple Podcast and Spotify! :)Have a comment? Email me at NotInAHuffPodcast@gmail.com