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I’m telling tales about my journey of 100 pound weight loss and health gain, sharing tips that worked for me and definitely what did NOT and baring my soul through tales of confidence, Cajun comfort food and costumes. I’ll talk about my journey of struggling with PCOS, balancing cheat day foods from biscuits to beignets with a plant based lifestyle including my beloved collard greens and red beans (hold the white rice) and how, through reminiscing about growing up down South in the 80s and 90s and acting gigs of yore, I'm slowly regaining my inner PHAT girl. PHAT: Pretty Hot and Tempting Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/whosdatphatgirl/support read less
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A Personal Trainer Changing the Conversation About Fitness - Oh Cheri !
Jun 17 2024
A Personal Trainer Changing the Conversation About Fitness - Oh Cheri !
Cheri Paige Fogelman, Brooke's long-time friend and a personal trainer with a background in modern dance and overall PHAT girl doesn't believe that we should beat ourselves up if we show up with only 10% to give to a workout or, heck, even life on any given day. How many times have you heard THAT from a personal trainer? Usually it's "NO PAIN NO GAIN" and who wants pain? And especially who wants to PAY for PAIN? (Well, some folks might but...thaaaaat's a different podcast episode!) Many of us grew up in the days of The Biggest Loser with the one and only Jillian Michaels who was constantly telling us to push ourselves to the max...or else. Cheri's approach helps us learn to listen to our bodies and minds and their wonderful cues (which aren't always brought out by pushing them). She's still "bad to the bone" (as Brooke's dad would say). Cheri has a background in modern dance, was a rower in college at UNC Chapel Hill, is a mom, wrote a book AND still manages to find time to train her clients and herself. But, the all or nothing or go big or go home approaches aren't how she got there. Listen to some of our tales today for inspiration and, hey, maybe even validation and learn more about Cheri and her offerings at www.bodybycheri.com www.instagram.com/bodybycheri https://goodvibeswellness.com/ Oh! And those marvelous bands you can workout with at home that Brooke goes NUTS over in this episode... CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. Like, right HERE. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/whosdatphatgirl/support