Finding a Way Out with Andrew Pledger of the Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger


Jul 5 2022 • 35 mins

Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t have a way out? Today we are talking with Andrew Pledger, and his story of leaving the religion he grew up in will make you see the faith differently. Andrew has found power in his story and in sharing other stories for people to share their stories of abuse and religious Trauma in various religions. We dive into the hot issues he has walked through, the enemies he has created, and how he focuses on his healing journey, all while continuing to walk the road to getting better. Key Topics: ·     How to find vision in hard stories for creators (0:40) ·     What is religious Trauma (3:52) ·     What happens when a story burns a bridge or a relationship (10:01) ·     How to reboot your life on the other side of religious Trauma (11:24) ·     Work in situations where the work you do creates enemies (16:24) ·     Why was it easier to work on a Podcast can through Instagram (22:54) ·     What are the lessons you learned as a podcaster (24:20) ·     Why is the Traumas Survivors Foundation the charity of choice (29:41) Website link: ( (website)) Podcast Links: · (Apple) · (Google) · (Spotify) Charity: The Trauma Survivors Foundation ( (website)) Donation: (donation link) Social Links · (Twitter) · (Facebook) · (Instagram) · (Patreon Page) Thanks for Listening! Be sure to subscribe on ( Apple), ( Google), ( Spotify), or wherever you get your podcasts. And feel free to drop us a line at Follow Mathew on Social Media to stay up to date on Podcast Me Anything - ( Facebook) | ( Twitter) | ( Instagram) | ( LinkedIn)   ****Here are a list of resources for those needing/seeking safe and legal abortion services in the US that were mentioned during this episode's pre-roll.*** ( - collection of abortion resources ( - campaign to normalize abortion ( - donate to support abortion funds by state ( - donate to the national network of abortion funds (donations split between 80+ abortion funds) ( - list of abortion clinics across the country that need volunteers ( - language for companies to use to stand against the ruling ( - early abortion access pills you can store in your cabinet