Finding a Way With Sam Mitchell of The Autism Rocks and Rolls Podcast


Aug 22 2022 • 20 mins

Do you feel alone and have a diagnosis of Autism? Our guest today Sam Mitchell, shares how he has taken his story and combined it with the stories of others and helps members of the Autism community feel connected. In the last 20 years, Autism has been on the rise, and with that, a need for connection has risen in the Autism community. We all know that feeling when you are around people who understand you and get you, and for people diagnosed with Autism, that feeling is even rarer. This episode with Sam will inspire you to believe that you will find a way, no matter what label or diagnosis, if you have the will. Key Topics: ·     What made a podcast something you wanted to start (1:33) ·     Have the goals change from when you started to today (2:36) ·     What were the early challenges you ran into starting the podcast (3:35) ·     How did the people around you respond when they heard your full story (5:50) ·     What has the journey been like to turn a passion project into what it is today (7:44) ·     How have you grown your community around the podcast (8:55) ·     Creating a non-profit around the podcast (10:08) ·     Has live podcast recordings been a focus (12:19) ·     What does the future look like for the podcast (13:50) ·     What is the advice you would share with something thinking about getting started (14:47) Website link: ( Podcast Links: · (Apple) · (Google) · (Spotify) Charity: Autism Rocks And Rolls ( (website)) Social Links · (LinkedIn) · (Twitter) · (Facebook) · (Instagram) Thanks for Listening! Be sure to subscribe on ( Apple), ( Google), ( Spotify), or wherever you get your podcasts. And feel free to drop us a line at Follow Mathew on Social Media to stay up to date on Podcast Me Anything - ( Facebook) | ( Twitter) | ( Instagram) | ( LinkedIn)