It Makes Cents with Kriti Sarav with The WhyFi Matters Podcast


Mar 28 2022 • 19 mins

Is your money working for you, or are you working for it? As Kriti tells us in this episode, there is a shortfall by schools to teach adequate financial literacy information in schools. Growing up, it simply wasn’t taught in her schools, and it wasn’t until she bought a home that she started to see the large world of money for what it is.  The WhyFi Matters podcast is an excellent example of a niched podcast focused on a specific demographic and being the solution to that problem.  If you are thinking of just getting started or looking to niche down more, this episode will help you with the issues that you might be overlooking that are waiting for a solution. Key Topics: ·     What made financial literacy the focus of your work (1:25) ·     What kind of background did you have growing up with financial literacy (3:01) ·     How did you go about targeting your peers to gain listeners for the podcast (5:32) ·     How have current events shaped the content on the podcast (8:49) ·     How has short-form video content impacted the content creation process (10:31) ·     How would you recommend driving traffic to your podcast (11:37) ·     Advice to someone wanting to start a podcast (15:52) Website link: ( ( Podcast Links: · (Apple) · (Google) · (Spotify) Charity: (Choose Fi Foundation ) Donation: (Link) Social Links · (Twitter) · (Facebook) ****Here are a list of resources for those needing/seeking safe and legal abortion services in the US that were mentioned during this episode's pre-roll.*** ( - collection of abortion resources ( - campaign to normalize abortion ( - donate to support abortion funds by state ( - donate to the national network of abortion funds (donations split between 80+ abortion funds) ( - list of abortion clinics across the country that need volunteers ( - language for companies to use to stand against the ruling ( - early abortion access pills you can store in your cabinet ( - abortion access hotline ( - buy early pregnancy test strips ( - get info on types of birth control ( - collection of these above links and more, managed by ( @starplanes (DM them on twitter to add more)) ( - abortion policy by state as of June 1, 2022 More in-depth version: (