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The Lead


The award-winning sports show from Wondery, known for delivering the best storytelling in sports. Every Wednesday and Friday, co-hosts Tiffany Oshinsky and Anders Kelto dive into the biggest and most fascinating sports stories of the day, as told by the reporters who cover them up close. The Lead cuts through the chatter and brings you in-depth reporting and emotional stories, to help make sense of the complicated sports landscape. New episodes every Wednesday and Friday.

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Our Editor's Take

American life is often represented through sports. Every state, county, and city has its favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams. On The Lead, hosts deliver sports stories that matter—separating essential facts from gossip.

From New York to Los Angeles, all the major storylines on and off the field are covered by various experts, bringing headlines from the murky world of social media out into the open. Listeners are in safe hands as Emmy award-winning sports producer Tiffany Oshinsky and sports journalist Anders Kelto offer their expertise as hosts of The Lead.

The Lead focuses on what truly matters in sport, from Super Bowl surprise contenders to NHL power rankings and everything in between. Eastern Conference shocks to Western Conference wonders. From the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics, The Lead podcast is a must-listen for any sports lovers. Fans of Wondery's Sports Wars may be familiar with some of the topics covered on this podcast and will be thrilled to hear Oshinsky and Kelto's fresh take on some of the sporting world's biggest rivalries and scandals.

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